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History of the Sikhs
Here is what happened on Friday - January 30th...
It is the 30 day of the year, and there are 335 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

1882,Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President from (1933 - 1945).
1930,Gene Hackman, actor.
1935,Tammy Grimes
1937,Boris Spassky
1937,Venessa Redgrave, actress.

      Events On This Day In History...

1798,First fist fight in the U.S. House of Representatives occurs.
1847,Town of Yerba Buena is renamed to San Francisco.
1862,US Navy's first ironclad warship, the "Monitor", launched.
1917,First jazz record in United States is cut. (Not with a knife).

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