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Here is what happened on Wednesday - November 14th...
It is the 318 day of the year, and there are 47 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

1765,Robert Fulton, built first commercial steamboat.
1776,Henri Dutrochet, discovered & named process of osmosis.
1840,Claude Monet, impressionist.
1900,Aaron Copeland, american composer (Billy the Kid, Appalachian Spring)
1921,Brian Keith, actor.
1929,Mclean Stevenson, actor.
1948,Prince Charles, royalty.

      Events On This Day In History...

1792,George Vancouver is first English man to enter San Francisco Bay.
1832,First streetcar appears, in New York.
1851,"Moby Dick", by Herman Melville, is published.
1883,The Jukebox is invented.
1889,Nellie Bly beats Phineas Fogg's time for a trip around the world by 8 days (72 days.)
1910,First airplane flight from the deck of a ship.
1959,Kilauea Volcano's most spectacular eruption (in Hawaii.)

      And Don't Forget...

           Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha was hanged by British.

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