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This site is a totally volunteer site and there is no attempt to make any money whatsoever. This website is a part of websewa that author wanted to do to tell the world about Sikh history.

Any attempt to sell material taken from this site is to be treated as taken straight from the book from where it was quoted. You can use material in this site for educational purposes, for school reports (with valid quotations), and to learn about Sikh history. For any other purposes please send an email to the webmaster Sandeep Singh Bajwa at

We do not necessarily endorse the views and opinions expressed on the Discussion Forums at this website. We encourage healthy debate with valid issues for learning purposes only.

This site contains text quotes and pictures from several books. Notably by these Authors :

"Encyclopedia of Sikhism", part 1,2,3 and 4 edited by S. Harbans Singh ji Published by Punjabi university.
"Sikhism, its philosophy and History" by Daljeet Singh and Kharak Singh Published by Institute of Sikh Studies, S.A.S Nagar, Punjab.
"History of the Sikhs" By Khushwant Singh.
"The Sikhs" by G.D. Cunningham.
"Heritage of the Sikhs" by Sardar Harbans Singh.
"Bed Time Stories-7" by Santokh Singh Jagdev.
"The Secular Maharaja" by Surinder Singh Johar.

These books heavily quote the works of the authors of previous centuries like:

"Prachin Panth Prakash" By Sardar Ratan Singh Bhangu.
"Umdat-ut-Tawarikh", book by Personal historian of Maharaja Ranjit Singh named Sohan Lal Suri.
"Memoirs of Miskin", a muslim historian named "miskin" in 19th century.
"History of the Panjab" by Syed Mohammad Latif.
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