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Hallbazaar is a biggest shopping area (a bazaar) in the city of Amritsar. A visitor will often see vibrant colors of fabric hanging out of clothing shops, mouth watering aroma of Jalebis, Samosas, Kulfi, and other food, unprecendented hustle and bustle and a lots of traffic. You might see farmers on their tractors investigating about new seeds, pesticides, roaming around and in the alleys of Hallbazaar. Hallbazaar is a premier shopping district and correctly displays the vibrant Punjabi culture. Everything is available in this bazaar.

Other smaller bazaar are all around Hallbazaar, like Katra Jaimal Singh for clothing, Bazaar Mai Sewan for books (and publishers), Bazaar Johrian for ornaments, etc.

Hallbazaar on Internet is not even close to the real hallbazaar but a mere representation to the one of the biggest icon of Punjabi culture.

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Written by Sandeep Singh Bajwa