Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with Aadhak
1) a& + k = is ?

badla means "to revenge"
baal means "hair"
aakh means "eye" aakhan means "eyes"
hall means a "hall of fame"

2) x& + V = is?

mota means "fat"
chatt means "roof"
balad means "bull"
badla means "to revenge"

3) h& + W is

button means "button"
mota means "fat"
hathh means "hand"
pakkha means "a fan"

4) p& + g means ?

dar means "fear"
radak means "friction"
pugg means "turban"
mataka means "a pot"

5) n& + s means ?

ghar means "home"
dar means "fear"
nak means "nose"
nas means "vein" nasan means "veins"
nus means "run"

6) s& + p means ?

satt means "injury"
sat means "seven"
supp means "snake"
ras means "juice"

7) n& + c means ?

naram or "soft"
nakhra or "attitude"
nakk or "nose"
nang or "naked"

8) a& + jmeans?

aajj means "today"
aakh means "eye"
aath means "eight"
danda means "staff"

9)l& + c + R means?

kanga or "comb"
latt or "leg"
lakh or "hundred thousand"
lakad or "piece of wood"

10) m& + k + N means?

makan means "house"
makkar means "mean"
makkhan means "butter"
mangta means "begger"
munda means "boy"