Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with Kanna
1) kANA is ?

Nana means "grandfather"
kara means "steel bangle"
hall means a "hall of fame"
kaana means "one eyed person"

2) dAnE is?

nana means "grandfather"
dhagga means "bull"
daana means "grain"
badla means "to revenge"

3) pAnI is

prem means "love"
paani means "water"
nani means "grandmother"
pakkha means "a fan"

4) cAcA means ?

chacha means "uncle"
radak means "friction"
kaaka "a male infant"
mataka means "a pot"

5) CACA means ?

ghar means "home"
dar means "fear"
pataka means "a bang"
naaka means "obstruction"
chacha which means "uncle,father's brother"

6) ptAcA means ?

bomb means "bomb"
sat means "seven"
paataka means "a bang"
chacha means "uncle, father's brother"

7) kRAc is ?

roula or "noise"
khota or "donkey"
kharak or "a sudden noise"
naala or "stream"

8) r~lA means?

raula means "noise"
rang means "color"
raat means "night"
danda means "staff"

9)rAV means?

kanga or "comb"
latt or "leg"
kuvela or "evening"
raat or "night"

10) cUvElA means?

ghar means "house"
makkar means "mean"
kuvela means "evening"
kandh means "wall"
munda means "boy"