Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with aaunkard U
1) fUl is ?

phull means "flower"
pharr means "hold"
phakka means "a fan"
padai means a "to learn"

2) YU&p is?

doodh means "milk"
dhupp means "sunshine"
daaku means "bandits"
badla means "to revenge"

3) dUcAn is

button means "button"
dahri means "beard"
dukan means "a shop"
dulha means "bridgegroom"

4) dUp&tA means ?

dar means "fear"
dupatta means "type of dress"
darwaza means "a door"
doodh means "milk"

5) gUlAbI means ?

gulab means "rose"
gulabi means "pink"
ghar means "home"
dar means "fear"
ghari means "watch"

6) fUlcA is ?

phul means "flower"
sat means "seven"
pharr means "to hold"
phulka means "punjabi bread"

7) cUhARI is ?

kaka or "infant"
nakhra or "attitude"
kuhari or "an axe"
kana or "one eyed"

8) rUmAl is?

rona means "to cry"
rounak means "hustle-bustle"
rumal means "hankerchief"
rang means "color"

9)gUR is?

gadd or "to dig"
latt or "leg"
good or "good"
gud or "jaggery"

10) dU&Y is?

darwaza means "door"
dand means "teeth"
mangta means "begger"
munda means "boy"
dudh means "milk"