Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with Laan E
1) BED is ?

badla means "to revenge"
baal means "hair"
baba means "old man"
bhedd means "sheep"

2) cEVlI is?

kettli means "kettle"
kal means "tomorrow"
balad means "bull"
badla means "to revenge"

3) cElE is

kaka means "infant"
kola means "coal"
kele means "bananas"
pakkha means "a fan"

4) rEl is?

rang means "color"
radak means "friction"
rail means "rail, train"
raula means "noise"

5) svErA is ?

ghar means "home"
dar means "fear"
nak means "nose"
sau means "hundred"
sawera is "dawn"

6) SEr is ?

satt means "injury"
sat means "seven"
sher means "lion"
sup means "snake"

7) cmrE is ?

naram or "soft"
kana or "one eyed"
cumre or "rooms"
kangha or "comb"

8) bEr is?

ber means "berries"
baba means "old man"
bola means "deaf"
bomb means "bomb"

9)gUlEl is?

kanga or "comb"
latt or "leg"
garam or "hot"
gulel or "sling shot"

10) rsgU&lE is?

makan means "house"
rang means "color"
rasgollay means "type of sweet"
ras means "juice"
rona means "to cry"