Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with Tippi *
1) pV*g is ?

pola means "soft"
peela means "yellow"
patant or "a kite"
hall means a "hall of fame"

2) m*glvAr is?

somvaar means "monday"
mangalvar is "tuesday"
mool means "essence"
badla means "to revenge"

3) srp*C is

painda means "distance"
panch means "member of council"
sarpanch means "head of council"
pakkha means "a fan"

4) c*bl is ?

khanda means "two edged sword"
kangha means "comb"
kambal means "blanket"
kamba means "to shiver"

5) C*n is ?

ghar means "home"
changa means "okay"
chautha means "fourth"
chaar means "four"
chann means "moon"

6) a*b is ?

satt means "injury"
aanha means "blind"
aamb means "mangoes"
aang means "part"

7) a*g<r is ?

aaram or "relax"
aaja or "to come"
angoor or "grapes"
ang or "part"

8) k*B is?

khamb is "wings"
aakh means "eye"
aath means "eight"
kharab means "wrong"

9)c*GI is?

kanga or "comb"
latt or "leg"
lakh or "hundred thousand"
khanghi or "a comb"

10) GU*gr< is?

makan means "house"
makkar means "mean"
ghoonghat means "a veil"
mangta means "begger"
ghora means "horse"