Gurmukhi Alphabet (1-10) quiz.

Quiz for words with four alphabets
1) b + r + V + n = is ?

badla means "to revenge"
baal means "hair"
bartan means "utensils"
hall means a "hall of fame"

2) S + l+ g + m = is?

mota means "fat"
shalgam means "turnips"
balad means "bull"
badla means "to revenge"

3) g + r + d + n is

button means "button"
mota means "fat"
gardan means "neck"
pakkha means "a fan"

4) m + l + m + l means ?

dar means "fear"
radak means "friction"
malmal means "muslin cloth"
mataka means "a pot"

5) s + r + c + s means ?

ghar means "home"
dar means "fear"
dhar means "put it down"
circus means "circus"
charan means "feet"

6) d + r + K + V means ?

nus means "run"
dus means "ten"
darakhat means "tree"
ras means "juice"

7) S + r + b + V means ?

phul or "flower"
pharr or "hold"
sharbat or "sweetened drink"
dar or "fear"

8) d + r + S + n means?

darshan means "to present"
jall means "burn"
danga means "riot"
danda means "staff"

9)a+d+r+c = adrc means?

kanga or "comb"
aana or "penny"
aadha or "half"
adrak or "ginger root"

10) c + s + r + t means?

kala means "color black"
kanda means "thorn"
kasrat means "exercise"
kanga means "comb"
kada means "steel bangle"