Recommended Sikh sites on Internet

hr Sri Guru Granth Sahib Website Nahal Global Trading Company or The Khalsa Women. An excellent website with unique sections like sewa and Dastar Gallery. Highly recommended.

International Institute of Gurmat Studies, Inc. This organization has been doing great sewa to Sikh community for last 29 years by holding Gurmat camps for young khalsas. Please visit site for information on upcoming camps.

Saint Soldiers Website. Audio/Video of Sikh leaders .

World Sikh Youth Forum The purpose of this website is to keep the Sikh youth of the world informed about our heritage and about the recent events of the world. This site is a place for Sikh youth to meet and to share their efforts in making Sikhi easier to follow. Good sangat is a catalyst of great accomplishments. This site will provide the necessary means to promote the progression of Sikhi among the youth. A Very good site maintained by Sardar Gurmustak Singh ji Khalsa Preserving Sikh heritage through publications of very high quality journals. is a site where Sikhs can seek matrimonial partners. is a highly recommended site which you can use to arrange your tour to the Sikh shrines in Pakistan.

Buy Sikhism books from Chattar Singh Jeewan Singh Book Store in Amritsar

Sikhism Website by Mr. Rupinder Singh Bedi

Low Price Publications has many Sikh books

Punjabi in Roman Script check out research being done by Mr. Karamjit Singh Bains.

Everything about Nihangs, A very Good site about Nihangs.

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