Ms. Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature was presented the four volumes of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in English when visiting Delhi in 1960s. She settled in her home in Pennsylvania. After reading Guru Granth Sahib she expressed her amazement that such a modern religion existed in the world and the world did not know of it.

A Chilean philosopher, Dr. Bittencourt (Double Ph.D.) was so impressed with Sikhism after reading "GLIMPSES OF DIVINE MASTERS" by Late S. Ranbir Singh that he volunteered to write an excellent 13 page preface about Sikhism for S. Ranbir Singh's second book "THE SIKH WAY OF LIFE." This is an excellent reading on Sikhs in comparative study of religions. (ASK US FOR A FREE COPY OF THE PREFACE)

As late as Feb. 2000, cknet reported , "What does the AT&T CTO read?" Mr.David C. Nagel, the president of AT&T Labs and AT&T's Chief Technology Officer has a book on his desk that has a lot to do with Sikhs. What is that book? On Mr.Nagel's desk, one book stands out: THE ARTS OF THE SIKH KINGDOMS, by Susan Stronge. Mr. Nagle is impressed that in the great melting pot - Punjab, the Sikhs gave and they borrowed.

Can you imagine how many "Movers & Shakers" must have been exposed to that one book on Mr. Nagels table?

The Sikh Foundation incorporated in 1967 (tax exempt) with offices in Palo Alto, CA. is the publisher of not only "The Art Of Sikh Kingdoms", but has many more excellent collector s books (Current list on our website). The main objective of The Sikh Foundation is to propagate Sikhism. Please visit our website at


The Sikh Foundation would like invite you to be a sponsor of this program, intended to place highest quality books on Sikh Heritage in the hands of influential people, organizations and libraries.

The sponsorship unit costs $500.00. You must participate in multiples of one unit or fractions as low as $50.00. But one unit is the average and is used for discussion here. Based on your participation of one unit, The Sikh Foundation pitches in 25%, i.e. books worth $625.00 become available. You will get a copy of the invoice with full accounting, a list of recepients and a letter of thanks from a tax exempt institution so that you can get tax write off depending on your tax bracket, say about $200.00 That way your out of pocket outlay of $300 goes a long way and books worth over $600.00 can be used in this program.

You can nominate ,say, ten people (movers & shakers) of your choice - friends, associates, managers, supervisors, clients, CEOs of major employers, Human Resource Managers, local libraries, school / college libraries, school officials, principals, counselors, public officials such as mayors, councilmen, judges, district attorneys, police chief, Sheriffs ...the list is endless.

We will send books to your nominees. Each book will be labelled , "With Compliments of......(Your name)" along with a stamped envelope addressed to you with a blank "Thank You" card to be sent to you by the recipient of your gift.

These books are unique collectors items with ever lasting value. They would be reminders of your goodwill for long time and would create congenial surroundings for you, and other Sikhs for generations to come. To know more about these excellent books, please visit our website at

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