Often people say, "Why worry about history? what is gone is gone, let's look towards future".

My answer to such questions is we have to take guidance from our history while working for future so that we can prevent any repeated mistakes. We have to learn about mistakes committed by Ranjit Singh's sons which cost us our own land, the land of Khalsa or Sarkar Khalsa. How Khalsa got together when it was in grave danger right after Guru Gobind Singh ji and in less than 100 years created a state among hostile territory, a state on which foreigners were ruling since Alexander invaded in 300 B.C. and then lost it in 50 years. It was due to short sightedness of Khalsa leaders that we lost our state.

Now only option for us is to rebuild our character, our community through higher education and by building ecomonic might. Let's show this world that Khalsa is together and sooner or later will arise again. So my advice to all Sikh children is to look forward to a bright future for yourself, immerse yourself in building your bright career, while never forgetting Khalsa and our Great Sikh warriors who gave so many sacrifices for our survival. We can only build our careers through dedicated education and self discipline, so Let's fight this war together.

We should always look to the future of Khalsa in 21st century in 22nd century and beyond. This Khalsa exist in Punjab, in India in USA, in Canada, in England, in Australia, in Malaysia, in Africa. This Khalsa that will carry our torch beyond centuries are our children.

I dedicate this web site to the glorious future of Khalsa, the Sikh children all over this world.

Let's show this world what we can do it! Waheguru Maher Karni!! Nanak naam chardhi Kala! Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala. (Translated as May God bless us, Guru Nanak's name will always keep us in high spirits, Bless everyone in this world)

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