Punjabi fonts Setup
Note: Here I have assumed that a user is running Windows 95 with Netscape Navigator 3.0(or windows 3.X with netscape navigator 2.0). For more information about how to set up with your browser consult online help. I believe it is possible with Miscrosoft's Explorer. I have also assumed that the user does not know anything about dos, etc. So advance users please bear with me.
  • From Windows 95 Click on dos prompt and type
    c:\ mkdir punjabi
    c:\ cd punjabi
    c:\punjabi\ exit

  • Click right here on pb_win95.exe to download a file. From next window, Click on Save file . From next save as window you will probably need to change the directory, click on the List button pointing downwards (that is next to save as) and a list will come up, scroll up to c: and then from various folders pick punjabi Now click on ok. This will save punjab.exe file into your directory

  • Now we need to run this file to extract punjabi.ttf fonts file. click on Start and then Run and type in
    now punjabi.ttf file is extracted and you are ready to put this file into windows system. To do this

  • Go to My Computer icon and then to control panel . Click on Fonts. Then click on file pull down menu and pick install new font option.

  • That will bring up a window. In this window, bottom left corner is a folders section where you can pick up the folder (or directory) where punjab.ttf file is located. Then click on ok .

  • Now to read punjabi page, We need to make one time change in Netscape Navigator (4.0) we have to change our general preferences. To do this, In Netscape Navigator Version 4.0 (check your browser's help file if not Netscape) click on Edit Then Preferences Click on Appearances then on Fonts, click check on Use Document Specific fonts, including dynamic fonts. Click on OK . YOU ARE DONE.

  • You should be able to read all punjabi pages now. Let's try to read a sample page. For more questions write me an e-mail.
    These fonts were developed by Sardar Hardip Singh Pannu. You can contact Mr. Pannu through email at hspannu@aol.com
    For further instructions about his innovations please visit his page at Punjabi fonts home page

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