The 1990 letter by Shaheeds

Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and  Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha to the President of India, R.Venkataraman, from jail.

"Rashtrapati Ji"

 Kindly accept Sat Sri Akal (Salute to the Revered Timeless) by the two Singhs (Sikhs) on
their way to martyrdom.
Theoretically, it is appropriate to clarify that our Rastrya (nation) is the Khalsa Panth
absorbed into the Guru Granth Sahib. We took the first vital steps towards the destination
of Khalistan by touching our foreheads with the foot-dust of this nation. The elimination of
Mr. Vaidya, the General of your forces engaged in destroying the Khalsa Panth and its
power, was a holy act on our difficult path of martyrdom. It has once again brought the
historical truth to light the urge of the Khalsa Panth to breathe in freedom, its self respect
and honor cannot be finished.
We wish to clarify that we are not addressing these words to you as an individual but as
the head of a State that is communal and Brahmanical. Whosoever occupies, occupied, or
will occupy this throne of falsehood, will be to us a symbol of oppression and cruelty. We
have not forgotten that when the "wedding party of sin" (the Indian Armed Forces) was
invading our Temple of God, a heathen in the garb of a Sikh, was sitting in your place (Zail
Singh). The Panth will "Settle its accounts" with him, when Sikh history imparts its justice.
By invading the Golden Temple, your army tried to rob a nation of saint- soldiers, living in
its divine simplicity, of its joy. It gave us a feeling once as if you succeeded in driving us to
a point of utter frustration. But by performing our historic task we have reminded you that
our heroes like Sukha Singh, Mehtab Singh, Udham Singh are shadowing your tyrants like
Wazida, Lakhpat, Rebeiro, Dyer.
We accept with great joy the penalty of death pronounced by your court of law alienated
from the divine blessings and fallen to the Brahmanical reflexes, for whatever we
undertook in accordance with the vision of the Khalsa. By touching the sharp edge of
death we are moving towards fullness. Without martyrdom the magnificent fair of life
cannot come into full swing.
The fact is that the Brahmanical form of Hinduism thinks of the Akal Takhat and its
thought-complex related to the movement and play of eternal in vulgar pragmatic terms.
This sort of limited thinking of Brahmanical Hinduism puts the great institution of the
Khalsa Panth on a very low pedestal and elaborates it in a very harsh practical sense.
From this narrow angle the Akal Takhat is reduced to an ordinary building or at the most
to a place of worship. The Khalsa Panth does not accept this situation. The Khalsa does
not worship power, rather it enters history by empowering itself. The truth from the Akal
Takhat has taught us that by being armed, the Khalsa has to snatch the power of the
powerful and by absorption into the Eternal Word, the Khalsa has to assimilate the
saintliness of the saint. This theory has destroyed the centralized authority of power and
saintliness (Miri-Piri) and was very threatening to the Brahmanical stream of thought.
Because the new Sikh doctrine not only awakened the people, it also inspired them to
organize themselves for an armed struggle under the leadership of the Akal Takhat by
shattering falsehood of Brahmanical thought. The Masters of Centralism at once came
into action. They began to repeat the well-designed danger to the "unity and integrity of
the country" to retain power and encouraged the rise of "Personal Gurus" in the arena of
The thought of Brahmanical reflexes had in fact started attacking the consciousness of the
Sikh Gurus ever since its emergence, but on 15th August after assuming imperial
authority, the Brahmanical thought took still nastier forms. In the last few decades, your
parliament, courts, educational institutions and media have tried to humble the
consciousness of the Khalsa through the subtler force of majoritarianism and material
We are not hesitant to say that conspiracies have been hatched and very subtle
arrangements have been made at the psychological level to destroy the great institutions,
traditions, originality and unique sovereignty of the Khalsa Panth. The destruction of the
Akal Takhat by sending in lakhs of soldiers was part of this larger conspiracy. In this
situation, it hardly needs saying, how justified it was to eliminate the military general
Vaidya who was not only a part of this conspiracy but also responsible for its planning and
implementation. By completing this holy and historic task, we have unburdened our
conscious and proved that the real force of the Khalsa Panth is and will remain free from
the Brahmanical reflexes in all ages. By cautioning the Khalsa Panth of these strategies
we have won the love of Guru Gobind Singh.
When nations wake up, even history begins to shiver. During such momentous
movements, a Banda Bahadur bids farewell to his peace-dwelling and destroys a state of
oppression like Sirhind, a Che Guevera turns down a ministership of Cuba, loads a gun on
his breast and entrenches against the enemies in the forest of Bolivia, a Nelson Mandela
rejects the ideology of apartheid and prefers to spend his life in a dark prison cell.
...And we have the privilege of being in the loving care and companionship of that unique
General of the Panth Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, blessed by the valiant and
transcendental visionary Guru Gobind Singh. We are tiny particles of dust of the
numberless heroic jewels of the Sikh nation who walked on the sharp edge of the Dagger,
the Khanda, given to us by Guru Gobind Singh. Only the chosen few get the honor of
laying down their lives for the nation. We are proud of this honor.
In no way is it just to accuse us of an unheroic act in attacking an unarmed man. We wish
to remind you that by misusing your vast resources you have tried your utmost to
humiliate us as a nation. In every field you have tried to make us helpless. You are
empowered with your massive armed force and equipped with the most advanced military
arsenal of our times. You have made us inadequate to fight you in the open battlefield. In
the present situation there is no other alternative with us except to use the kind of method
that we employed on General Vaidya to punish the tyrants for their evil deeds. When you
are already waging an undeclared war on our nation, guerilla attacks are not our pleasure
but an historical compulsion. Please do not forget this fact of history that during the 18th
century when robbers like Abdalis and Nadarshah were driving your daughters to Kabul
like enroped flocks of animals, our brave Sikh brethren from their jungle and desert
hideouts fiercely attacked the robbers. Even the frightened enemies had to praise our
courage. We are fired with a generous humanism. Our grip extends to the entire life with
its beat and vibration.
In the last one decade there have been very few "actual" encounters between our soldiers
and your forces. But wherever those have occurred, the evidence in them of our valor and
radiant heroism, we are sure, is preserved in your confidential files. A fragment of that
fact once in a while slips through your newspapers as well. Our Khalsa vigor is an aspect
of our spiritual heritage. In such moments of fight, spirituality radiates through the flasher
of our swords.
Oh. President representing Brahmanism Hear the words of Kazi Noor Mohammad, an eye
witness during the seventh invasion (1764 AD) of Ahmad Shah Abdali: "It looks as if guns
were invented by these Sikhs and not by Likman. Although many possess guns yet none
understands them more than the Sikhs. My observation will be confirmed by the 30
thousand brave soldiers who fought against them."
When we attacked General Vaidya, apart from his own arms, he had with him a well
equipped body guard. Our attack was part of the same battlefield strategy that was once
used by our hero-martyrs Madan Lal Dhingra, Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, and
even today it is used by revolutionaries the world over, and considered right.
Through you we also wish to transmit this message that we harbor no enmity towards the
great people and land of India. We are not touched even a bit by hatred for the people of
India. Not only to embrace our people, we are restless to embrace the whole of the earth
and the sky. We intoxicatedly remember the entire cosmos and worship the life that
vibrates in it.
The Khalsa is inseparably and lovingly related to the people of India: the millions of
Dalits, the workers who earn their living through honest labor, the Muslims and other
minorities, and all those homeless and destitute who have remained oppressed and
exploited by Brahmanism for centuries. They are all our kith and kin. Our Master Rider
of the blue horse (Guru Gobind Singh) recognized them much earlier. All those termed by
the proud Brahmin the lowly, scavengers, shoemakers, meanprofessioned, became the
beloved sons of our Tenth Father. They rose to Generalships in the army of the Khalsa.
Thrones and honors kissed them. Without fantasizing, we are declaring in the midst of
history that our gurus loved the meta-poetry (bani) of those divine souls drenched with a
passion for the Dalit brotherhood. The gurus bestowed the highest honors on them and
included their (bani) along with their own in the Guru Granth Sahib. The spirit of the Dalits
and their pain are aspects of our own anguish. We are touched by the warmth of their
door. There is hardly any Agro Industry in the Punjab. Heavy industry is totally
non-existent. We want to keep our capital safe for our development, but you are exploiting
us as if we are your colony.
You have not spared an effort to hurt our culture. By damaging our heritage you want to
keep us in a miserable psychological state so that we may feel embarrassed over our
language, culture and proud history. Your strategy is to destroy us from "within" and
reduce us to your slaves so that you may keep on sucking our blood without any protests.
You want us to adopt your rootless culture of razzle dazzle as our way of life. You want to
uproot our culture and take away our source of life. You think our history is not worthy of
any significance. But now we keep track of your ever step. Still a vital blood flows in our
veins. We will structure our way of life according to our originality and history. Every one
knows that without getting political power it is not possible for any nation to guard its
culture. It is not possible for us to keep our cultural and national identity intact without
establishing a Sovereign Khalistan. We are offering our heads for achieving our goal; Our
True Guru has granted a sovereign State to us, we have won his blessing by offering our
Now we beg to address our Khalsa Panth. The way of the Khalsa is very trying. It is
sharper than the edge of a Dagger, the Khanda, and subtler than a strand of hair. The
Khalsa panth at all cost has to preserve the original and pure form of its great struggle.
The struggle is a diving journey inspired by a transcendental consciousness. During these
moments of struggle, the Khalsa is to remain continuously absorbed into the Guru Granth
Sahib, no matter how many cruelties are inflicted and provocation is given, the Khalsa has
to keep its cool and discipline in the horrible and barbaric situations. The Khalsa has to
preserve its traditions established by the valiant Sikhs through martyrdom.
In comparison with the violence of the enemy, the violence of the Khalsa abounds in divine
qualities and spiritual blessings. The Khalsa has to give such a divine form and beauty to
its struggle that it may even burden the conscience of the enemy with the realization of its
own sin. Such a moral miracle will be possible only if the concentration on the guru of the
Khalsa and rhythm of the Guru Granth Sahib remain fully connected and intact. The Guru
Granth Sahib is the main source of our life-stream and spiritual power. It is also the chief
spring of our inspiration to advance towards the destination of Khalistan.
If concentration on the guru and the internal rhythm of the Guru Granth Sahib are the
main lifestream of the Khalsa, then it is also necessary to say a few words to the militants
who are intensely in love with the stream. In this terrible crisis of history, the
concentration on the guru and the rhythm of the Guru Granth Sahib are the only armed
brigades. The are the army of the Timeless Man, and they are the guardians of the pure
consciousness of the Khalsa. We too had the honor of having been the humble parts of
these forces.
It is true that we are confronting a vast material State that has at its command all the
worldly resources, horrifying scientific inventions, a capacity to attack and disable the
intellect and praxis. The state can also weaken us through penetration and strategies of its
intelligence. It can also develop shocking plans and more than everything else it can
assemble huge armies. But so what? The Khalsa can send shivers into the spine of the
enemy and shake its State with its spiritual might. It is not the bodies alone that fight. It
was only a miracle of the Khalsa spiritual strength that even with its tiny number the
Khalsa subdued the 10 lakh army of the Mughals at the Castle of Chamkaur.
During the last decade we have overwhelmed this State of Brahmanical prejudices with
martyrdom. We have been hailed in all corners. Now the matter is not restricted to the
possible creation of Khalistan alone. Several oppressed nations of India have come out in
the open to fight for their freedom. The Dalit brothers, specially are liberating themselves
from the destructive influence of Brahmanism. The hue and cry made for "unity and
integrity" does not touch them any more. They have well understood the cunning of
Brahmanical rulers veiled behind this hue and cry. Although these are magnificent
accomplishments of our movement still we are not free from big mistakes and
Sometimes, during our struggle we do commit something that is neither morally unique nor
pious. Although we are marching towards our goal of achieving Khalistan with
determination yet still we have not fully learnt how to go through this difficult terrain. The
understanding and experience of our struggle are still diluted and surfacial. We have still
to develop a large vision that crosses decades and centuries.
We still keep doing something that gives our enemy an opportunity to question our proud
and glorious history. Several times our arms have wrecked the joys, blossom and
aspirations of those who had never directly hurt our movement.
It appears sometimes as if we were trying to strike terror among the people although our
commitment to the ninth Guru is nether to terrify nor to get terrified.
Oh valiant brethren! Why are not our actions and deeds firing many colors and
proliferating unusual effects of life? Why to give the people an excuse that a wide gap has
appeared between our mind, word and action. When we sin we become drunk with victory
of fault and when we lose we do not investigate its reasons. As a result a chain of losses
begins. In such a situation we do not urge to reintegrate ourselves with the transcendental
consciousness of the Khalsa, nor do we seek the blessing of the guru's abode.
We are becoming martyrs, going to jails, bearing every attack of the enemy, but still in our
basic thought, the gratitude to the Lord, patience and commitment have not fully
penetrated. Sometimes, the glory of the material status, its power and shine captivate us,
as a result we fall prey to material values and miracles. During such moments we do not
passionately pray before the Guru Granth Sahib to keep our unique character by heroism
and spirituality higher and untouched by narrow ends.
Several times we suffer from indecision. To free ourselves from this state instead of
getting close to the guru we rather choose distance. We are forgetting that during
disagreement among us, the resolution of the entire Khalsa adopted at the Akal Takhat
can cement and guide us. Oh Brave brethren drenched with the divine love of the sixth
guru, Hargobind Sahib! Why don't you flock towards the Akal Takhat for guidance? Our
guru spreading his arms awaits us.
At times, our baseless suspicions divide us into groups. We then patronize our group, and
to protect it we unnecessarily accuse the other groups of crossing all limits. Our sword
proudly falls on their necks. The militants of the Khalsa Panth have to meet this serious
challenge of the moment with determination and love, with a prayer for the enhancement
of wisdom and humility of the mind. Will you follow this path our brethren after we are
Oh militant comrades of the procession of those walking with their heads on the palms for
sacrifice! You carry on your shoulders the historic responsibility of recognizing the mail
lifestream and original form of the Khalsa and also the responsibility of identifying the
deadly current of ignorance and temptation. This current, to obtain power, has fallen to act
on Brahmanical practices. Please understand the narrow motives concealed behind this
current that on surface appears to be pro-Sikh. Wage a war against it. Its divisive
tendencies are to be strongly resisted. The people associated with this current have lost
their faith in the higher struggle. They have been tempted by the Brahmanical reflexes
and its allied power hierarchies. They have begun to like evanescent colors. Their actions
do not reflect the message of Guru Nanak's transcendental journey: Nor do they flash any
divine experience. Their state mirrors a schism between the mind and word. Declare that
these people are false and they have disowned our panth. If they want to be owned by the
Khalsa and they feel that there is still in them a secret of truth enunciated by Guru Nanak
let them advance straight towards Khalistan otherwise they will be thrown into the dustpan
of history.
Respected President Ji! After these few words with our nation we again address you.
When we bid farewell to the world it will be a strange meeting of numerous contradictions.
If we look at the world insightfully, the while world is in turmoil, a powerful turmoil. With
an alien eye it may look to be a destructive development. It feels as if human peace and
action were going through acute disturbance, but the people with intuition can see all this
from a difference angle altogether.
The humankind's aspiration for freedom cannot be controlled in any system. Any effort to
destroy this aspiration gets self-defeated in history. We are witnessing the same
happening in our times also.
The same passion for freedom burning like a flame in the depths of humankind gave birth
to the great French Revolution. And then in the beginning of this century, we are watching
the tumbling of the Tsarist regime that had become a symbol of terror and tyranny.
But whatever systems have been built up on the ruins of Tsarism, have not succeeded in
fully preserving and understanding the rush and aspiration of human freedom. All these
massive artifices are showing cracks. What an irony of our times that the same people
who had raised our ancestors' flag of freedom became the murderers of freedom.
We are saying this with deep sorrow that the same lands where lakhs of people laid down
their lives fighting the Nazis, today are providing shelter to the murderers of the Sikhs.
Wee mean the country of the great Tolstoy and Lenin, the Soviet Union and its East
European allies, where the killers of hundreds of Sikh youth like Buta and Rebiero are
taking shelter under the pretext of holding diplomatic responsibilities. But at the same
time fresh winds of freedom blowing in these countries give us a hope that these countries
will not remain safe shelters for these murderers of mankind. To us that time is not distant
when the people of these countries will hand over these criminals to us so that the can be
given their due in the court of the Khalsa.
The dark storm of oppression that is blowing over the Khalsa and the fire of tyranny that
is burning it, must have touched at least a little, the soul of Lincoln, Emerson, Rouseau,
Voltaire and Shakespeare because the people fighting for their freedom and sovereignty
have the same blood flowing in their veins. But permit us to say that among the people of
these great men's lands the urge to push their tradition is dying. Their spiritual values are
drying up, they are unable to see the new sun shining in the land of Khalistan whose rays
will also radiate the universe. We are hoping that they will accept the reality of Khalistan.
We appeal to the United Nations to recognize the face of Khalistan so that the Khalsa
nation can make historic contribution to the international peace and security according to
the UN Charter, and may also help in building up their relations of tolerance and goodwill
among India and its neighbors.
Honorable President Ji! We are going to look into the eyes of death because we believe
that the flag of life's glory flies even in the face of death. Not only us, but our entire nation
has taken birth from the art of keeping its head on its palm. The guns of evil will never
frighten us.
In this era of betrayals we are going to meet our beloved in full faith and wholesomely.
Our martyrdom will radiate only integration. We are feeling that martyrdom is a
transcendence of all fears, greeds and obscene physical desires. The consciousness of the
Khalsa is the most pure and luminous during the moments of martyrdom.
We have chosen the path of martyrdom so that the ever fresh face of the Khalsa and its
unique glory can come into its own once again, and enlighten the whole world. In their
eternal joy and grace the Gurus blessed us with a spark of their love. With that spark we
are on full blossom. Our love for freedom has taken us to the state of cosmic equilibrium
We have met our True Guru. The fairies of the eternal symphony have arrived to
congratulate us with all their families at this momentous hour of meeting.
Martyrdom has a unique relish of its own. How wonderful is it beyond the material and
ineffable emotions!
Please tell our nation not to be sorrowful. The sweet remembrance of, Guru Gobind Singh
flows like a river in us. Please tell them that the stream of love of the Tenth Guru has
already gushed forth in us. We are going towards the altar in higher peace and divine
poise. We are riding a unique boat that the currents are unable to sink.
The maker has put together all the wood perfectly, O Nanak my Lord will not let even
lakhs of sea currents sink the boat.
The Khalsa has upheld the belief that whenever death comes, accept it with joy. For this
reason please tell all those warriors of the world bringing with the fire of freedom not to let
go-mellow the challenge thrown by us. Let their bursting bullets become a lament on our
The rope of gallows is dear to us like the embrace our Lover but if we are condemned to
be the prisoners of war, we will wish bullets to kiss the truth lurking in our breasts so that
the sacred ground of Khalistan becomes more fertile with our warm blood.
Long Live Khalistan!!!!
We are restless to drink the pint of martyrdom for Khalistan.
Harjinder Singh  Sukhdev Singh

Atrocities perpertrated on the Sikhs:
Dear Rastrapati ji,
We are giving below the methods of torture, humiliation and atrocities used by your state
against the Sikhs. These have been mentioned by the humanitarian organizations and
individuals who hold prestige in their respective fields. These organizations and individuals
are not seen directly or emotionally connected with our movement. They have been forced
to write about the extreme violations of human rights of our people. We wish you to know
and witness the continuous repression and atrocities perpetrated against the Sikhs by your
army, paramilitary forces and the police. We are not presenting all this to you to win your
sympathy, nor do we wish you repent by taking pity on us. In fact by situating you in this
picture we want to have the verdict of the people of the world over the extent you have
violated the UNO's Declaration on Human Rights, the Geneva Convention, and many
other international treaties. We are mentioning below the violations and atrocities: