Massacre of Sikhs at Delhi (November 1984)

rioters beating Sikh in Delhi

Any physically and mentally weak community, if provided with absolute power wrecks havoc on minority communities. Most residents of Delhi are such cowards that when Mughals or British were ruling, ancestors of these very peopl;e were informing and killing on their fellow brethren. For example, Gangu trecherously arrested 6 and 8 years old sons of Guru Gobind Singh when he along with their old grandmother, all three were martyred by Mughals later.

Grandfather of Indira Gandhi, Moti Lal Kaul aka "Nehru" was a Kashmiri Brahmin whose ancestors most likely migrated to Allahabad, due to the atrocities being committed on by Muslim majority. Majority of Kashmiris have been converted by force by last Mughal emperor Aurungzeb, a zealous Sunni muslim fanatic. In Kashmir you can find lots of last name similiarity with Kashmiri Hindu and muslims for example, who are Bhatt, when convert to Islam becomes Butt.

These Kashmiri brahmins under the leadership of Pandit Kirpa Ram, came to Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru and asked him to save their community from Aurungzeb. Guru obliged with his martyrdom. After this incident many Punjabi Hindus got converted to Sikhism to protect their honour. On the other hand, Kashmiri Brahmins and other Hindus to this day are being killed in Kashmir and they still haven't come under the faith of Khalsa to become Saints Soldiers and protect their Dharm. Body of a Khalsa Sikh being burned by rioters in Delhi

Point being that, politicians and other influential persons in Delhi have forgotton the sacrifices of million of Sikhs and are intoxicated in their power gained through illiterate and gullible electorate by fair or unfair means.

Person of influence in Delhi who were responsible for killings of more then 10,000 Sikhs are

Har Kishen Lal 'Bhagat'

He publicly incited mobs against Sikhs and distributed addresses of where Sikhs are living in riots in 1984. There are three eyewitness against him in court, while the case is still dragged on. After 14 years, these eyewitnesses are still scared of their lives and have lived in Gurdwars for protection. What can we do, apart from telling the world about the Indian Justice system! He still command influence in Delhi, so much that recently Congress under Sonia Gandhi made him a member of committee which will decide "whether a person is morally clean before granting him a congress ticket for election". (so much for Congress party)

Widow of a Khalsa sikh

Dharmdass Shastri

He did similar things as HKL Bhagat. His supporters killed Sikhs by burning them alive using petrol.

Jagdish Tytler


It is our right and moral duty to never forgive them!! These persons are today's Zakriya Khan, Meer Mannu and Aurungzeb!!

Written by
Sandeep S Bajwa