Bhai Nand Lal 'Goya

Bhai Nand Lal Goya

Bhai Nand Laal ji was born on 1630 A.D. in Ghazni, Afghanistan in the house of Chajju Mal, who was munshi of Dara Shikoh. When Shahjahan has sent Dara Shikoh (Dara shikoh was Shahjahan's son) to conquer Afghanistan, Diwan Chajju Mal went along with him, Dara Shikoh returned to India while Diwan Chajju mal stayed, and thus Bhai Nand lal ji were born at Ghazni. Bhai Nand lal ji at the age of 12 started writing persian Poetry with the 'Takallus' of 'Goya'. He learned Sanskrit, Hindi, Arabic as well as persian from his father, who was a great scholar himself. Bhai Nand lal ji were scholar on Islamic studies too, even though never initiated into Islam. When he was 17 he lost his mother, at 19 years of age his father in Ghazni, thus Bhai sahab had to returned to Punjab and settled at Multan.

Once Aurugnzeb asked his Islamic scholars about specific quotes of Quran, no answer could satisfy him, somebody recommended Bhai sahab and Aurungzeb was astonished by Bhai sahib's answer and gave 500 rupees as a reward. Aurungzeb wanted such a great Islamic studies scholar to be converted to Islam, forcibly or other wise. Bhai sahab asked his wife, she suggested to visit Guru Gobind singh ji at Anand pur sahib. Bhai Nand Lal ji went to Anand pur sahib with his wife and presented a book called Bandginama to Guru ji, Guru Gobind singh ji liked that book so much that he gave it a new name called 'Zindagi nama. Thus Bhai Sahab Bhai Nand lal ji became one of the 52 poets of Guru Gobind singh, and got himself converted to Khalsa. Bhai Nand Lal ji has written following books in Farsi

  • Gazliyat arthath diwan-e-goya.
  • Zindagi nama.
  • Tauseef-e-Sanaf.
  • Ganj Nama.
  • Dastoor-ul-insha.
  • Arzul alfaaz.
  • Khatimaat.
  • Jot Bigaas.
  • Rahit Nama.
  • Tankhay nama.

Here is one of his poems about Guru Gobind singh ji

Naasro Mansoor Guru Gobind singh
Eizde Mansoor Guru Gobind singh
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nAsr~ m*s<r gUr< g~ib*d is*G
eEjdE m*s<r gUr< g~ib*d is*g
(God has given Guru Gobind singh somethig special to help poor and oppressed one's)

Haq ra ganzoor Guru Gobind singh
zumla faize noor Guru Gobind Singh

hc rA g*j<r gUr< g~ib*d is*G
jUmlA f>jE n<r gUr< g~ib*d is*G

( Guru Gobind singh is like a treasures of God and he is kings of king)

Khaq Rob sahaye Guru Gobind singh
Khumas vasaf pareye Guru Gobind singh
kAc r~b shAeE gUr< g~ib*d is*G
kms vsf prAeE gUr< g~ib*d is*G
( Such is Personality i.e., Jaho-jalal of Guru Gobind singh that even enemies respect him)

Bardo-aalam dast Guru Gobind singh
jumla oolvi past Guru Gobind singh
bArd~-aAlm dsV gUr< g~ib*d is*G
jml~ uUlvI psV gUr< g~ib*d is*G

(This world and that world both are in hands of Guru Gobind singh)

Bhai Sahab Nand Lal ji lived with Guru Sahib until the Chamkur invasion that's upto Dec. of 1704, Bhai Sahab Nand lal ji left this world in Jan of 1712.


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  2. Translations by Sandeep Singh Bajwa