Great Sikh Martyrs

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Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji The first Sikh Guru to be Martyred by Mughal Emperor Shahjehan (one who built Taj Mahal) for not converting to Islam.

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji - were Ninth Guru who were martyred by Emperor Aurungzeb at Chandani Chowk Delhi, for not converting to Islam.

Bhai Satidass ji went along with Guru Tegh Bahadur and were martyred to Chandani Chowk Delhi.

Bhai Dyal Dass ji also went along with Guru Tegh Bahadur to Delhi and were martyred at Chandani Chowk Delhi.

Chhote Sahibzade were the young Sons of Guru Gobind Singh who were captured by the Mughal Governor of City of Sarhind, Wazir Khan. He martyred 7 year and 9 years Old Sikhs for not converting to Islam.

Mata Gujari ji , Guru Gobind Singh's mother left this world after hearing the martyrdom of his grandsons .

Bhai Haqiqat Rai ji at the tender teenage, he was too proud to be a Sikh, resulting in his martyrdom by the hands of Mughals at Lahore.

Bhai Mani Singh ji was the pious Granthi of Golden Temple who was given option either to convert or to be cut into pieces. He picked death to be cut into pieces and with Gurbani on his lips he attained martyrdom.

Many Sikhs were Martyred by the cruel Mughal Governor of Lahore named Zakriya Khan.

Bhai Tarusingh ji were captured by Mughals on as he was feeding Sikhs who were hiding from Government. He was martyred by Mughals but only by cutting his scalp and not his hair.

Bhai Subeg singh and Bhai Shahbaz Singh were father and son who were martyred on specially created wheels.

The Khalsa Women and children were martyred by Meer Mannu for not converting to Islam.