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Joginder Singh

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Sardar Joginder Singh

Subedar Joginder Singh Paramvir was born on 28 September 1921 in Mahla Kalan village at Moga, District Faridkot in Punjab in the house of Sher Singh. He enrolled into army as Sepoy on 28 September 1936 in First Sikh Regiment.

He Served British Indian army at various places at Burma Front and won many laurels. After Independence he served with Sikh regiment at Srinagar in 1948 against attack by Pakistan.

In 1962 China attacked India at two fronts, one at NEFA or North East Frontier Agencey as it was called, and another at Ladakh. Many battalions of 1st Sikh Regiments were posted at NEFA as was Joginder Singh's. His battaltion of 20 men was guarding pass of Tongpen La, where Chinese attacked with huge man power. At that time India was still under the influence of Gandhi and Nehru and thus armed forces were neglected. In a Battalion most soldiers fought with obsolete .303 rifles which had a magazine to hold 5 bullets. Also included in Battalion was one light machine gun, while Chinese had automatic rifles which could hold 30 bullets at one time.

Subedar Joginder Singh displayed marvellous courage like a Khalsa and acted as a true Sikh soldier. He knew that odds against them were very heave as the constant attack by Chinese was overwhelming. 23 October 1962, his whole battaltion of 20 men went down fighting with Chinese and not bulging an inch. He was awarded the highest gallantry award of India, the Param Vir Chakra.
Salute to Khalsa Warrior Joginder Singh